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This list serves as the official package index for the time being. When more packages exist, a proper package repository and index will be made.

First-Party Packages

These are official packages hosted on the onyx-lang GitHub account.

Package Description
glfw3 Bindings for GLFW3.
http-client An HTTP client capable of sending HTTP(S)/1.1 requests.
http-server A simple HTTP Server package inspired by ExpressJS and Flask. Works on the Onyx runtime and WASIX.
json-rpc A simple JSON-RPC server implementation. Used by the Onyx langauge server.
ncurses Bindings for the ncurses library.
openal Bindings for OpenAL.
opencl Bindings for OpenCL.
opengles Bindings for OpenGL ES 3.2.
openssl Bindings for openssl.
otmp A string templating language, similar to Jinja or Mustache.
perlin A very simple implementation of the 3d-perlin noise algorithm.
postgres-orm A simple Object Relational Mapper for a PostgresQL database.
postgres Bindings for libpq.
qoi An implementation of the Quite OK image format. Currently only the decoder is implemented.
raylib Bindings for the popular Raylib video game library.
stb_image Bindings for the stb_image.h C library. Only absolutely necessary functions are currently implemented.
stb_truetype Bindings for the stb_truetype.h C library. Only absolutely necessary functions are currently implemented.
webgl2 Bindings to WebGL 2. Accessible when targetting JS runtime.

Third-Party Packages

Package Description
There are currently no third-party packages.
Create your own package and email to have it added.
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