Onyx News

Beta Release 0.1.12

19th May 2024

This intermediate release brings quality of life improvements to the pipe operator, small syntax refinements, and small improvements to WebAssembly module generation.

Beta Release 0.1.11

21st April 2024

This release brings even more core library uniformity though some breaking changes, some syntax refinements, and an exciting experimental feature: compiler extensions!

Beta Release 0.1.10

31st March 2024

This release brings standard library uniformity, minor syntax changes, and JavaScript interop! You can now easily interface with the DOM and other JS APIs from directly within Onyx.

Beta Release 0.1.9

19th February 2024

This release brings major syntax changes, optional semicolons, OVM-WASM support for MacOS, and a host of bugfixes in the compiler and the standard library.

Beta Release 0.1.8

28th November 2023

This is an exciting release for Onyx! It is the first release to ship with MacOS support and an automated installer. It also brings many improvements to package management and the general ergonomics of the language.

Beta Release 0.1.7

25th October 2023

This release of Onyx brings exciting and overdue features, including switch expressions, WASIX support and an overhauled networking layer.

Beta Release 0.1.6

24th September 2023

There has not been a new release of Onyx in several months. I have been working on other projects (using Onyx!) and have not had the time needed to dedicate to new features in the language. That being said, Onyx already has many of the features that I need for my projects, so I have not felt the need to add new features. However, I have been fixing bugs and blatant wrong implementations of core library procedures that have been getting in my way. Enough of these have accumulated over the past couple of months that I believe it is worth it to publish them in a new bugfix release.

Beta Release 0.1.5

18th July 2023

This release brings additions to Onyx's platform layer, allowing for missing things like futexes and TTY control.

Beta Release 0.1.4

22nd June 2023

This is a small release that brings a big breaking change to most Onyx programs. In short, map.get now returns an Optional, instead of the value directly. This leads to cleaner and more understandable code.

Beta Release 0.1.3

18th June 2023

This release of Onyx brings a large change to the compile-time code blocks feature, runtime stack traces, as well as a massive speedup to Onyx's ovmwasm runtime. There are also numerous additions to the standard library.

Beta Release 0.1.2

28th May 2023

This release of Onyx brings a substantial new feature called tagged unions, and a collection of other small bugfixes.

Beta Release 0.1.1

15th May 2023

This release of Onyx brings minor changes and additions, with some general bugfixes.

Onyx's Custom Runtime

5th April 2023

A brief introduction to OVM-Wasm, Onyx's custom WASM runtime for debugging and portability.

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