Beta Release 0.1.1

This release of Onyx brings minor changes and additions, with some general bugfixes.

WASI Improvements

Much of the work done in this release was focused on improving the support of the WASI runtime. WASI has seen new features in the past couple of months, with support for things like threads and accepting socket connections. Onyx is adding support for these features as they become relatively standardized.

This release, Onyx adds support for WASI Threads. It uses the same API for threads that already existed, but now programs targetting the WASI runtime can also use it. Note, for now it is required to pass the --multi-threaded argument when compiling to use threads.

Foreign Block Tags

You can now place tags on procedures defined in a #foreign block.

Metadata :: struct {
    name: str;

#foreign "module" {
    @Metadata.{ "metadata name" }
    foreign_procedure :: () -> void ---

These tags can be accessed in the following way.

use runtime

for block: {
    for func: block.funcs {
        tags: [] any = func.tags;
        // ...

This feature is the baseline for creating sophisticated binding generators.

Onyx Package Manager

The Onyx package manager is more stable and looks a bit better now.

It also now has rudimentary support for package templates. Simply run onyx pkg new 'template_name' 'destination_directory'. There is a single pre-installed template called default that gives you a simple project.

$ onyx pkg new default example-project
Name of the project: example-project
Description of the project: Description of the project
Git repository for project: 
Author name: Brendan Hansen
    Creating  example-project/.gitignore
    Creating  example-project/onyx-lsp.ini
    Creating  example-project/onyx-pkg.ini
    Creating  example-project/src/main.onyx
     Running  git init


* Ability to have tags on `#foreign` block procedures.
    - This will enable the creation different binding generators, such jsbindgen.
* WASI support for threads at the platform layer.
    - Requires passing '--multi-threaded' CLI flag.
* `#distinct` types can now be made over any type.
    - Used to be only primitives.
* New `logo-new-256.ico` for favicon on website.
* `u8.to_upper` and `u8.to_lower`
* `iter.empty`
* `json.Value->as_array_iter()`, `json.Value->as_map_iter()`
* `onyx pkg new` for creating a project from a template
* `#load_all_recursive` to recursively load all `.onyx` files in a directory.


* Undefined function imports in `onyx run` no longer cause an immediate error.
    - Instead, an error is produced when the function is called.
* API for time remains the same, but reduced dependencies on external time things,
    like strftime, localtime and mktime.
* Ergnomic improvements to `onyx pkg`.
* Not relying on time for random number seeding, if cryptographic random number generation is possible.
    - Using `getrandom` on Linux, and `BcryptGenRandom` on Windows.
    - Using `random_get` on WASI.

* Fixed missing `use core` in `optional.onyx`.
    - Fixes `Optional.reset` and `Optional.hash`
* Fixed missing newline in `onyx help build` documentation.
* Fixed WASI compilation due to misconfigured environment code.
* Fixed WASI `__dir_open` permissions.
* Fixed `core.encoding.ini` clearing the temporary allocator.
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